About Cashback Loans

We will take care of the submission, processing, and funding of your mortgage applications in Canada, so you don’t have to. We provide the most efficient mortgage solutions currently available, by staying up to date with mortgage news in Canada. Our team of mortgage specialists are able to save you thousands of dollars. Simply put, you can approach us because we structure our business relationship based on trust and quality service. Our service is always at your disposal and always diligent, to provide you with the best deals as per your mortgage needs.

Our mortgage specialists save you thousands, to make you want to come back. More than just lower rates, we believe in developing relationships and trust. Our staff works tirelessly to better serve your mortgage needs.

How we Can Help You

  • We’re connected with many different types of lenders
  • We pass along our volume discount to get your mortgage rates even lower
  • Friendly, personal attention – each step of the process
  • Less paperwork for you to do
  • Sound, unbiased advice on your financial strategy