Construction Financing

Are you looking to build? Our competitively priced, flexible, fully customized financing solutions can help you make your vision a reality. Call us to find out how.


Get Construction Financing when you:

  • Tackle a single home construction project.
  • Develop sub-divisional or high-rise projects.
  • Finance commercial development.
  • Fund conversion projects.

Case Study

Study 1: Luxury Home Construction

Asset Value:1,850,000
Needed: 902,500


  • Acquiring a construction property in a highly sought after community, surrounded by multi-million dollar homes, mixed in with older tear-down properties.
  • The client had bad credit and poor repayment history.
  • 0% Down.



  • Purchase the property with a private mortgage.
  • Competitive private mortgage rates.
  • Client was able to build property with no money invested.
  • Property sold at a profit.


Study 2: Mixed Commercial/Residential Building

Asset Value upon completion: 22,000,000
Needed: 16,000,000


  • Builder had bad credit.
  • Bank did not finance their construction.
  • Current mortgage was becoming due.


  • Procured $3 million mezzanine financing which guaranteed 1stmortgage from the bank.
  • Bank provided 1stand construction mortgage.
  • Building completed at profit.