Private Mortgage

Do you need a loan with adjustable lending criteria and negotiable terms? Do you need it fast? Are you a first time home buyer? We can help!

Purchase A Home:

  • No credit score check, and no income statements required.
  • Loans can be approved within 24 hours.
  • There are no penalties if you pay off your mortgage early.
  • Interest only payments.
  • Finance luxury properties.

The best way to start building your personal equity is with a first time mortgage. We specialize in residential private mortgages in Ontario. If you are ready to purchase property but have had difficulty getting approval from the banks, contact us. To help reach your goals, We can offer you customized solutions thanks to our wide range of financing options, after a quick financial assessment with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We make it easy to finance your new home. Let us know which property you’re interested in, and we’ll help with the financing paper work to secure your mortgage.

Case Study

Financing a Luxury Condo
Home Value: $1,070,000
Current Mortgage: $0
Need: $770,000



Client A purchased a luxury condo, preconstruction with a $300,000 down payment.

While the condominium was being built, Client A went through a divorce that left his finances in disarray, damaging his credit history in the process.

Major lending institutions see these types of properties as undesirable, due to volatile values.

Client A had too much invested to simply walk away from the deal.


1st mortgage for $ 790,000.


Easy to manage monthly installments and a completely open term.

Client A retained his down payment.

The property was later sold at a premium, and Client A incurred no mortgage repayment penalties.

Our private lenders make it easy to obtain a private mortgage in Ontario. Our developed industry network gives us access to wholesale discounts, allowing us to provide you with the best deals in the province.