Private Mortgage

Do you need a loan with adjustable lending criteria and negotiable terms? Do you need it fast? Are you a first time home buyer? We can help!

Purchase A Home:

  • No credit score check, and no income statements required.
  • Loans can be approved within 24 hours.
  • There are no penalties if you pay off your mortgage early.
  • Interest only payments.
  • Finance luxury properties.

The best way to start building your personal equity is with a first time mortgage. We specialize in residential private mortgages in Ontario. If you are ready to purchase property but have had difficulty getting approval from the banks, contact us. To help reach your goals, We can offer you customized solutions thanks to our wide range of financing options, after a quick financial assessment with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We make it easy to finance your new home. Let us know which property you’re interested in, and we’ll help with the financing paper work to secure your mortgage.

Case Study

Financing a Luxury Condo
Home Value: $1,070,000
Current Mortgage: $0
Need: $770,000



Client A purchased a luxury condo, preconstruction with a $300,000 down payment.

While the condominium was being built, Client A went through a divorce that left his finances in disarray, damaging his credit history in the process.

Major lending institutions see these types of properties as undesirable, due to volatile values.

Client A had too much invested to simply walk away from the deal.


1st mortgage for $ 790,000.


Easy to manage monthly installments and a completely open term.

Client A retained his down payment.

The property was later sold at a premium, and Client A incurred no mortgage repayment penalties.

Our private lenders make it easy to obtain a private mortgage in Ontario. Our developed industry network gives us access to wholesale discounts, allowing us to provide you with the best deals in the province.

Secured Lines

We have the specialized expertise you need when it comes to commercial lending, property management, and real estate development. As an industry leader, it’s not unusually for us to aid mortgage brokers as they package and place commercial mortgage financing.

Highly developed and strategic relationships with key institutional leaders, and private lenders allow us to:

  • Help you take the next step and expand.
  • Enable mergers or acquisitions.
  • Streamline transactions.
  • Negotiate best pricing.
  • Align Proprietors on Innovative Solutions.

Regardless of the type of commercial or residential property you may be purchasing, our established business model allows us to secure the best deals from trusted lenders.

Case Study

STUDY 1: Take the Next Step

Condo Office: 1,250,000.00
Needed: 812,500


  • An established business was looking to expand and purchase office space.
  • Unexpected accounting errors lead to taxes owing.
  • Owner covenant had credit damaged.


  • 1stmortgage for $ 812,500.
  • Discounted bank rate.
  • Company now able to accumulate equity via their new location.
  • New office space allowed for growth and an improved customer experience


STUDY 2: Own Instead of Lease

Industrial Condo Unit: 350,000
Needed:  245,000


  • The client owns a trucking company.
  • Facing a competitive market with small profit margins.
  • Difficult to accumulate owners’ equity and build credit worthiness.


  • 1stmortgage of $245,000 with an accelerated repayment option
  • Discounted trust rate.
  • The client will accumulate sufficient equity to qualify at most “Triple-A” lenders by following our 3 year plan.
  • Real estate assets look great on balance sheets, attracting possible buyers for the business.


STUDY 3: M & A

Asset Value: 2,400,000
Needed: 1,100,000


  • A restaurant with strong financials and owner with some personal assets.
  • Looking to buy out a competitor to expand to a near-by area.
  • Business being bought over has no tangible assets and requires a major overhaul before operations can begin.


  • Cross-collateral mortgage of $1,100,000 on 2 draws.
  • Discounted bank rate.
  • First draw will bring newly purchased location up to operating standards.
  • Second acts as operating capital to get both endeavours to move to the next level.


STUDY 4: International Business Investment

Asset Value: 14,000,000
Needed: 6,300,000


  • International Business Investor who has never been to Canada.
  • Seeking to purchase a Major Automaker dealership.
  • Inability to be present for the transaction in person.


  • Private mortgage for $6,300,000.
  • Competitive Private Mortgage rate.
  • Interest payments subtracted from advance.

Construction Financing

Are you looking to build? Our competitively priced, flexible, fully customized financing solutions can help you make your vision a reality. Call us to find out how.


Get Construction Financing when you:

  • Tackle a single home construction project.
  • Develop sub-divisional or high-rise projects.
  • Finance commercial development.
  • Fund conversion projects.

Case Study

Study 1: Luxury Home Construction

Asset Value:1,850,000
Needed: 902,500


  • Acquiring a construction property in a highly sought after community, surrounded by multi-million dollar homes, mixed in with older tear-down properties.
  • The client had bad credit and poor repayment history.
  • 0% Down.



  • Purchase the property with a private mortgage.
  • Competitive private mortgage rates.
  • Client was able to build property with no money invested.
  • Property sold at a profit.


Study 2: Mixed Commercial/Residential Building

Asset Value upon completion: 22,000,000
Needed: 16,000,000


  • Builder had bad credit.
  • Bank did not finance their construction.
  • Current mortgage was becoming due.


  • Procured $3 million mezzanine financing which guaranteed 1stmortgage from the bank.
  • Bank provided 1stand construction mortgage.
  • Building completed at profit.

Mortgage Renewals & Refinancing

We offers several industry-specific types of financing to meet your needs, be it purchasing, refinancing, repositioning or developing commercial property. In addition, we offer bridge, mezzanine, and construction/development financing to enhance your contracts and agreements.

Fast Mortgage Approvals

Qualifying for a loan can be difficult depending on your investment. Many private mortgage lenders struggle to close deals in the desired time frame. We offer fast approvals for borrowers who have proven experience in their field. If your project funding has been declined by any institution, contact us. After reviewing your options, we will designed customized solutions to fit your needs.

Flexible Arrangements

With flexible loan terms, we are able to treat each deal as it should be, uniquely. We offer on-balance-sheet portfolio financing starting from $1 million and ranging to over $400 million, as well as the most competitive fixed and floating rates, non-recourse and recourse financing, all major asset types and short to mid-length terms for 1-5 years, as well as terms up to ten years for evaluated and stabilized deals. We have a range of financing options for each phase of commercial real estate projects.

Innovative Terms

Thanks to the deterioration between banking institutions and the property world over the last five years, innovative private-sources of capital to fund real estate ventures have emerged. We deal with larger real estate clients that no longer seek banking institutions as the most sought after lenders of prime resort. Though the transition was slow, private lending is now an indispensible part of the real estate funding model.

We are highly skilled underwriters will use their expertise to find you greater opportunities than those afforded to you by banks, who operate under strict institutional parameters.

2nd/3rd Mortgage

Do you need a private loan that has flexible lending criteria and negotiable conditions? Need to meet a tight deadline? A private 2nd or 3rd mortgage may be the answer.

Get a 2nd or 3rd Mortgage:

  • Be approved for your first-time mortgage, even when banks say no!
  • Your current home equity can be used to consolidate debts.
  • Refinance your home without paying huge penalties to the banks.
  • Poor credit? Trouble proving your income? No Problem!
  • Pay off collections, proposals, tax arrears, leans, and judgments.
  • Financing Luxury Properties.
  • Renovations for resale.

Case Study

STUDY 1: Consolidate Debts

Home Value:$850,000
Current Mortgage:$300,000
Need: $312,000

Client A had vast credit card debts, at an interest rate (*APR) of 19.99%.


The large debt owning made making ends meet difficult.

Refinancing early carried an estimated $7,500 fine.

The client is self-employed and has difficulty verifying incoming.

Due to the debt, the client was unable to pay their income tax on time.


2nd mortgage for $312,000.


Manageable payments of less than $1,818 per month

All outstanding debts were cleared.

The client was able to regain their financing footing.


STUDY 2: Huge Penalty for Refinancing
Home Value: $600,000
Current Mortgage: $400,000
Need:  $50,000


Client B needed home renovations


Refinancing early would carry with it a penalty of over $13,000.

Though the mortgage term only has 2 years remaining, their home needs attention now.


2nd mortgage for $ 50,000


Client B paid monthly instalments of less than $375 on a 2 year term.

The client was able to avoid incurring penalties by maturing both mortgages simultaneously.


STUDY 3:Credit / Income Troubles
Home Value: $420,000
Current Mortgage: $280,000
Need: $35,000


Client C acquired a small family business several years ago


A family emergency required the client to travel overseas for several months, leaving many financial obligations unattended, triggering a dispute with a telecommunications provider.

Upon returning, the client decided that a loan was required to sort their affairs.


2nd mortgage for $ 35,000


The client paid monthly instalments of under $292 on a 2 year term.

The loan gave the business a much needed boost.


STUDY 4: Pay Tax Arrears
Home Value: $1,200,000
Current Mortgage:$300,000
Need: $400,000


At the end of an audit, Client D was left with a massive tax bill


Overwhelmed, the client discovered that banks are reluctant to lend to those with tax arrears when seeking their help.

The government began garnishing the client’s income, and placing leans against the client’s home, despite the client’s business being incorporated.

The client began struggling when having to simultaneously deal with tax authorities and run a business.


2nd Mortgage for $ 451,000


An additional loan of $10,000 was used to cover legal and accounting costs.

Loan payments were made upfront and incorporated into the loan.

Leans and garnishments on the client’s assets and income were removed.

The client was able to focus on rebuilding the business, and was later able to approach banks for credit once more.


STUDY 5:Renovations for Resale
Home Value: $750,000/$832,000
Current Mortgage: $600,000
Need: $42,000



A knowledgeable realtor recommended that her client sell their home in a lucrative neighbourhood


The mature property in a family oriented community had high potential on the market as a renovated house.

Cosmetic renovations were needed at the cost of $45,000.


2nd mortgage for $ 42,000


A loan with a completely open term to help reduce costs for later resale.

Our short term loan, combined with the realtor’s experience helped make the client more on their home.

Residential & Land Financing

Are you looking to purchase mixed-use property, multi-residential projects, or vacant land? We can help.

Get Residential and Land Financing:

  • Invest in mixed-use property.
  • Acquire a multi-residential asset.
  • Finance vacant land for development.
  • Finance vacant land for rezoning.

Case Study

Purchase of Luxury Condo Hotel

Asset Value: 21,000,000
Needed: 9,500,000


  • A luxury condo hotel was purchased pre-construction for 5.5 million dollars with a 2 million dollar down payment.
  • Their current condo is valued at 8 million dollars, due to banks lacking trust in the luxury condo market.
  • Refinancing will be required for his matrimonial home worth 13 million dollars, with 10 million dollars in equity.
  • The client has business overseas.


  • Private mortgage for $9,500,000.
  • Competitive private mortgage rate(*APR).
  • Client was able to buy out the condo and flip it at a profit.
  • Paid out the private mortgage from proceeds.


Spousal buy-out

Asset Value: 950,000
Needed: 902,500


  • During the divorce process, the clients were unable to refinance their property for more than 80%LTV.
  • Equal share in the property was only achievable through its sale.
  • The property had been in the family for generations, and the client had no desire to sell.


  • 95% Refinance through bank.
  • Discounted bank rate(*APR).
  • Client was able to keep their heritage home in the family.
  • Spouse received her equal share.


Farm Land Refinance

Asset Value: 950,000
Needed: 902,500


  • Client was injured and unable to produce on the farm.
  • Banks declined to refinance the farm without income.
  • Client needed 80% LTV refinance to cover expenses and medical bills.


  • 80% LTV Refinance through credit union.
  • Discounted bank rate(*APR).
  • Deal approved on the basis of Christmas trees due for maturity in a few years.

The client received equity to last through his recovery.

Unrealized plans to break new ground? Had a hard time getting refinanced? Call us today. Our free consultation will review the particulars of your project, and find you a fast and efficient solution to help you make it a reality.