Residential & Land Financing

Are you looking to purchase mixed-use property, multi-residential projects, or vacant land? We can help.

Get Residential and Land Financing:

  • Invest in mixed-use property.
  • Acquire a multi-residential asset.
  • Finance vacant land for development.
  • Finance vacant land for rezoning.

Case Study

Purchase of Luxury Condo Hotel

Asset Value: 21,000,000
Needed: 9,500,000


  • A luxury condo hotel was purchased pre-construction for 5.5 million dollars with a 2 million dollar down payment.
  • Their current condo is valued at 8 million dollars, due to banks lacking trust in the luxury condo market.
  • Refinancing will be required for his matrimonial home worth 13 million dollars, with 10 million dollars in equity.
  • The client has business overseas.


  • Private mortgage for $9,500,000.
  • Competitive private mortgage rate(*APR).
  • Client was able to buy out the condo and flip it at a profit.
  • Paid out the private mortgage from proceeds.


Spousal buy-out

Asset Value: 950,000
Needed: 902,500


  • During the divorce process, the clients were unable to refinance their property for more than 80%LTV.
  • Equal share in the property was only achievable through its sale.
  • The property had been in the family for generations, and the client had no desire to sell.


  • 95% Refinance through bank.
  • Discounted bank rate(*APR).
  • Client was able to keep their heritage home in the family.
  • Spouse received her equal share.


Farm Land Refinance

Asset Value: 950,000
Needed: 902,500


  • Client was injured and unable to produce on the farm.
  • Banks declined to refinance the farm without income.
  • Client needed 80% LTV refinance to cover expenses and medical bills.


  • 80% LTV Refinance through credit union.
  • Discounted bank rate(*APR).
  • Deal approved on the basis of Christmas trees due for maturity in a few years.

The client received equity to last through his recovery.

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