Secured Lines

We have the specialized expertise you need when it comes to commercial lending, property management, and real estate development. As an industry leader, it’s not unusually for us to aid mortgage brokers as they package and place commercial mortgage financing.

Highly developed and strategic relationships with key institutional leaders, and private lenders allow us to:

  • Help you take the next step and expand.
  • Enable mergers or acquisitions.
  • Streamline transactions.
  • Negotiate best pricing.
  • Align Proprietors on Innovative Solutions.

Regardless of the type of commercial or residential property you may be purchasing, our established business model allows us to secure the best deals from trusted lenders.

Case Study

STUDY 1: Take the Next Step

Condo Office: 1,250,000.00
Needed: 812,500


  • An established business was looking to expand and purchase office space.
  • Unexpected accounting errors lead to taxes owing.
  • Owner covenant had credit damaged.


  • 1stmortgage for $ 812,500.
  • Discounted bank rate.
  • Company now able to accumulate equity via their new location.
  • New office space allowed for growth and an improved customer experience


STUDY 2: Own Instead of Lease

Industrial Condo Unit: 350,000
Needed:  245,000


  • The client owns a trucking company.
  • Facing a competitive market with small profit margins.
  • Difficult to accumulate owners’ equity and build credit worthiness.


  • 1stmortgage of $245,000 with an accelerated repayment option
  • Discounted trust rate.
  • The client will accumulate sufficient equity to qualify at most “Triple-A” lenders by following our 3 year plan.
  • Real estate assets look great on balance sheets, attracting possible buyers for the business.


STUDY 3: M & A

Asset Value: 2,400,000
Needed: 1,100,000


  • A restaurant with strong financials and owner with some personal assets.
  • Looking to buy out a competitor to expand to a near-by area.
  • Business being bought over has no tangible assets and requires a major overhaul before operations can begin.


  • Cross-collateral mortgage of $1,100,000 on 2 draws.
  • Discounted bank rate.
  • First draw will bring newly purchased location up to operating standards.
  • Second acts as operating capital to get both endeavours to move to the next level.


STUDY 4: International Business Investment

Asset Value: 14,000,000
Needed: 6,300,000


  • International Business Investor who has never been to Canada.
  • Seeking to purchase a Major Automaker dealership.
  • Inability to be present for the transaction in person.


  • Private mortgage for $6,300,000.
  • Competitive Private Mortgage rate.
  • Interest payments subtracted from advance.